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What does VCS do to ensure the safety of my child while at school?

From Dr. Chelsea Foster, Head of School: "The safety of your child while under our care is of the utmost importance to us. A variety of systems are in place to make Valley Christian School a safe environment and are continually tested and evaluated to ensure their effectiveness. We work directly with local police and fire departments and are a member of C.L.A.S.S. (Countywide Law-Enforcement Alerting Safety System) that directly alerts police should an emergency occur.

On a daily basis, our building is locked at all times. Security cameras are located throughout the facility and routinely monitored. All visitors (including parents) must request building access via intercom with video surveillance and report to office before going anywhere in the building. Visitors must sign in and out at the office and obtain a visitor's ID badge. All faculty and staff wear ID badges throughout the day. Additionally, they must have proper clearances to work with children. Chaperones must have clearances to accompany children to activities or events. 


Upon arrival, students are greeted and monitored until they arrive in their classroom with their teacher(s). At dismissal time, students are dismissed only to parent-authorized guardians, and if bussed, students are escorted by VCS personnel to their appropriate bus.


On a routine basis, fire, shelter-in-place, evacuation, and lockdown drills are all practiced and evaluated for efficiency. Also, professional development around student safety is offered to all VCS faculty and staff."

Note:  Due to necessary Covid mitigations, additional safety protocols are in place. Please consult the top of our VCS homepage for the most up-to-date information on Health & Safety and Covid mitigation.

Are teachers accessible to students and parents? Do teachers really care about their students?

VCS teachers are approachable and view themselves as partners with parents in a child's education. In addition to annual parent/teacher conferences, VCS teachers are available to discuss a child's progress or struggle throughout the year as the need arises. When requested, a private conference can be arranged. FACTS Family Portal, an online school system, is used to communicate homework, grades, and other daily resources. Read what VCS graduates had to say about their teachers.

"Valley (Christian School) really made my childhood enjoyable. I remember every teacher I ever had during elementary school, and I loved every single one. Each teacher is different but one thing they have in common is the love that they had for us. If I ever had a problem I knew I could go to any one of them for help."

"The teachers and staff at Valley truly love teaching and are genuinely committed to their students learning, which is a rare thing especially in today's age. That's one of the things I miss most about Valley, having teachers that not only care that you do well in your classes, but take the time and go out of their way to get to know you as a person."

Will my child be prepared to face the challenges of high school?

VCS graduates routinely perform well academically, socially, and spiritually as they transition to high school. One recent graduate actually skipped ahead a grade. Other graduates serve the Lord in a variety of ways through church and parachurch organizations. Read from parents of recent VCS graduates: 


"I wanted to tell you about some things related to academics at Bishop McDevitt that are a reflection of the preparation our son had at VCS.

At parent's night, we rotated around to all of our son's classrooms.  One of the last classrooms we rotated into was his Spanish class (Spanish 2). 
The teacher asked us whose parents we were, and we replied that we were his parents.  'Oh!,' she said.  'He is the only freshman in Spanish 2! 
I wondered how he was going to do, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  He is keeping up with the upperclassmen and is not afraid to answer questions.'  That was about a month ago.  He is still maintaining about a 99 in the class. He also tested into all honors classes, including Algebra.  
He is challenged, but hanging in there and doing fine.  We are thankful for his preparation at Valley."

"Our youngest child spent 9 years at VCS [K - 8th]. I could write volumes about how those 9 years shaped our daughter! She is now a sophomore at the highest-ranked public high school in the city and ended her freshman year with a 4.04 GPA, a testament to the excellent academic training she received at VCS. She has a long list of extracurricular activities and leadership roles that she has assumed, and she will be the first to tell you that her self-confidence and leadership strengths were cultivated and encouraged at VCS."

What schools do VCS graduates transition to after graduation?

VCS graduates move on to a variety of public and private schools. For a list, click on the yellow button here.

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