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Thank you for your interest in Valley Christian School! It is a privilege to serve families in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties. We partner with families in approximately twelve different school districts. Our student population is culturally diverse which enriches the educational environment of VCS. Students are challenged to understand and love each other as “fearfully and wonderfully made” individuals in the image of God (Psalm 139:14). 


We are a preschool through grade eight program accredited with the Association of Christian Schools International and with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. We have small class sizes, modest tuition, and experienced and certified teachers who execute a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for the 21st Century.


The mission of Valley Christian School in partnership with each parent is to create Christ-centered thinkers with a heart for God who are equipped to excel in all aspects of life. Valley Christian School believes that young minds and hearts must be cultivated with the Word of God by godly teachers and trained to  apply Truth to everyday life. It is also important that the generations to come might know that they have a great purpose and can fully put their trust and hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that all children have the capacity to grow, that scripture instructs us to teach them about the Lord and his precepts and that this is foundational to whatever specialties, gifts, or talents they may possess because “we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).


If you agree with the mission of Valley Christian School and desire for your child to have godly men and women influence them daily during the most impressionable years of their lives, then perhaps you should consider VCS. We would love to meet with you and answer your questions or concerns. Please click the gray button to review the admissions process page or click the blue button to request a tour. Thank you for considering a school which has been preparing students for their next level of education and God’s mission for their lives for the last forty three years.



Dr. Chelsea Foster,

Head of School


STEP ONE: Information

The information available on our website explains our educational and spiritual philosophy and objectives. Read these materials carefully to determine whether or not they express the goals you have for your child(ren). If you have further questions, please click on the "request a tour" button at the bottom of this page, complete the inquiry form, and someone will be in contact to discuss your questions.


Once you have determined whether we are of like-minds, please click on the "request a tour" button at the bottom of this page, complete the inquiry form and someone will contact you. During your tour, you will meet with the Head of School, learn more about Valley Christian School and have opportunities to ask further questions.

To explore financial assistance opportunities, click on the "Tuition and Financial Aid" button below.  Also, you can apply for financial aid through FACTS Management Co. by clicking on the "FACTS" button below. You will be redirected to FACTS Management's website.

STEP THREE: Application

Once you have toured the school, met with the Head of School, and it has been determined that VCS is a good fit, you may be invited to apply for admission. If invited to apply, you will receive an email with a link to apply online. Each family will complete and submit the online application with the appropriate application fee. A copy of your child's most recent report card, standardized test scores, as well as other outside the classroom testing should be submitted prior to the testing phase described in Step Four. A non-refundable fee of $35.00 for Preschool and $110.00 for K - 8 should be submitted with your application.  This is a per student fee.

If you have not yet arranged a tour of the school, please click the button at the bottom of this page and request a tour.

STEP FOUR: Testing

​Preschool students do not need to be tested. Students entering Kindergarten through Eighth grade are tested to determine his/her appropriate grade placement. Traditionally and culturally, the chronological ages are 5 for admittance to Kindergarten and 6 for admittance to Grade 1. Applicants are placed according to the results of a developmental and/or academic screening for grade-level placement.

STEP FIVE: Enrollment

If you and Valley Christian School concur on the testing results and recommendations for student placement and the interview confirms that we agree in philosophy, we will notify you of your child’s acceptance into our program. You will receive a letter of invitation for continuous enrollment along with instructions for completing the online continuous enrollment process.  Please note that a student’s enrollment into VCS is not complete until the enrollment form is submitted online along with the appropriate fees. The annual program fee is currently $150 for 2 Play & Learn, $250 for P3 and PreK, and $500 for K-8th grade, and covers the cost of special programs and events, technology and instructional materials. Childcare information for the Before School Program (BSP) and the After School Program (ASP) is requested during the enrollment process. Click the button at the bottom of this page to view our admission policy.

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